About the Webinar

Come hear from capital program experts about how owner organizations can achieve sustainability goals and start the process of greener construction projects.
The building and construction industry currently accounts for 39% of global carbon emissions, meaning that sustainability improvements will have a major worldwide impact. But sustainable construction isn’t just about reducing building energy usage or incorporating alternative materials … it’s also about employing platforms and techniques that minimize waste, paper, fuel usage, and time.
Smarter, technology-driven strategies will undoubtedly drive improvements in both areas, but are those strategies affordable and truly sustainable even for public agencies? 

Join our live webinar to hear from Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District as they explain how their organization was able to achieve its sustainability goals. 

Some of the topics to be discussed include:
    • See case study examples how sustainability goals and the strategies for achieving those goals vary widely from Owner to Owner depending on several factors.
    • See and hear examples of the challenges sustainability initiatives may present.
    • Understand the financial considerations of sustainability initiatives and be able to apply similar analyses to one’s own organization and its initiatives.
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Listen to our Capital Program Industry Experts as they discuss how to achieve sustainability goals.
Eliot Jones
Trimble, Inc.
Product Manager
Rick Niederstadt
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Support Manager for Capital Programs

We will have ample time to answer questions from the audience throughout the webinar.