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Discussing how digital processes in capital program management will improve results and reduce costs.
Efficient capital program processes can mean the difference between a project delivered on-time or a project delivered late and riddled with cost overruns. Capital Project and Program managers and engineers do not simply want to know that there is a cost overrun, but rather want to know the root causes, the precise numbers, and how it can be fixed. This is where implementing modern digital capital program processes can help with efficiency in getting answers quickly, and visibility into performance that can reduce project costs.
Learn from Giuseppe Sciulli, Sr. Manager, Project Controls at Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority and John Kersh, PMP at KFA, Inc. as they explore the unexpected benefits they experienced once they invested in modernizing their capital program processes.
    • Better methods to help team members communicate and collaborate remotely.
    • The benefits of creating a digital paper trail.
    • Improve how you track change management.
    • Why your organization should invest in a single construction project management solution.
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Listen to top Industry Experts as they explore our topic.
Giuseppe Sciulli
Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority
Sr. Manager, Project Controls
John Kersh, PMP
KFA, Inc.

We will have ample time to answer questions from the audience throughout the webinar.

Join our live conversation with some of our key customers to learn how these issues are being addressed and to possibly brainstorm new ideas. They will share some of the tips and tricks they have learned by trial and error.