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Come hear from capital program experts about how to taming the chaos of document management and document sharing in construction.
Before construction projects were digitally collaborated on, document control was a complete nightmare. One contractor might have an older spec sheet, another might have the updated one but it’s back in his office, the engineer might have gotten lost in the updates, and ultimately key components of the project might end up being delayed or constructed incorrectly.
Proper document management with a project management information system (PMIS) eliminates version confusion, access issues, and wasted time. Come hear from experts about how top owner organizations can tame the chaos of document management and document sharing and take away the following:
    • How to manage document version control
    • How to reduce paper and physical storage
    • How to reduce errors and mistakes due poor documentation
    • How to use digital signatures in your document processes
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Listen to our Capital Program Industry Experts as they explore document management in construction.
Lisa Ruggieri
Vice President of Professional Services
Michael Weber
Program Manager
Dan Conery
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

We will have ample time to answer questions from the audience throughout the webinar.

Join our live conversation with some of our key customers to learn how these issues are being addressed and to possibly brainstorm new ideas. They will share some of the tips and tricks they have learned by trial and error.