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 An Owner-centric Solution

As a capital program owner, you know that capital projects are already complex enough without the additional hassle of tools and “solutions” that don’t deliver. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach usually ends up fitting no one.

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That’s why we’ve built e-Builder Enterprise, a fully modular solution that caters specifically to owners because we understand your unique need for:

  • Flexibility to configure workflows that support your capital projects
  • A single platform that streamlines deliverables from all stakeholders
  • Accurate, real-time data to manage budgets, reports and forecasting
  • A solution that can do it all — even if you don’t do it all at once.

e-Builder Enterprise has the capability and flexibility to grow in step with your capital improvement programs. The platform gives you a comprehensive view of the project lifecycle, for a unified, end-to-end view to reduce risk, improved performance and generate transparency.
e-Builder software demo on a laptop computer
e-Builder software demo on a laptop computer

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